Whether it’s a Christmas dinner or a summer party, the JustSeventy team love to design seasonally suitable corporate dinners and events. For this client, a summer dinner party was the brief, with the aim of rewarding them for a successful quarter.

The venue was a treat in itself but gloriously enhanced by bright summer floral design and carefully designed lighting. The dinner was kept light and bright for the early evening before moving to a different theme for the night.

In a separate area, a hidden nightclub had been created, with striking lighting and fun entertainment.  A tribute band, requested by the client, had been booked and managed by the JustSeventy team before a DJ continued the party which gave all the company workers a well-deserved celebration. Excellent food, great entertainment and enthusiastic dancing was more than enough for this crowd to have a fantastic night.

The Brief:
  • Seasonally Stylish
  • Corporate Dinner
  • Surprise Nightclub

Photography by Reportage Photography