When approached by this international high-end hotel company to plan a display of the brands featured in their resort boutique, we took the brief and delivered exactly what the client required.

The JustSeventy team were asked to find a luxurious venue which would accurately reflect the hotel brand:  this was found in the well-known Arts Club in Mayfair.  Since the client was so satisfied with the choice of venue, the decision was made not to overcomplicate the spaces but to work with the existing décor, furniture and features to allow the brand displays to stand out and speak for themselves.

The key elements arranged by JustSeventy were the subtle production details, the entertainment, the food and the knowledge of how to style a room to show case the merchandise.  In addition to this, the team had sourced brand-appropriate gift bags for all those attending and ensured excellent presentation of this key detail. When such exquisite pieces are brought to an already stunning collection of rooms, the overall result is always effective and successful.

The Brief:
  • Luxurious
  • Simplistic
  • Minimalistic