When our client thought of their son’s Bar Mitzvah, they wanted to make all guests feel as though they were warmly welcomed into their family home. It was important for the client to have a quintessentially British venue with high ceilings and grandeur.

There was a mixture of table shapes, with mostly long elegant tables filled with assorted floral designs. Most noticeable to this set up was the use of varying fabrics whether rugs or table linens. Underneath every table, a carefully selected rug was used in order to emit the essence of home, as well as adding design and style to the room. The table linen was particularly exquisite with fabric that the client personally selected and the JustSeventy team had arranged to be made into tablecloths in varying sizes to suit the room. Around the venue there was a multitude of other elements that included a graffiti wall, quirky furniture and a selection of different flowers and foliage.

When it was time to welcome the guests into the venue, they were amazed by the transformation of this space and impressed by the level of detail that had been included within the design. A creative premium caterer had been brought in to provide delicious culinary offerings, and the beverages flowed throughout the entire event.

The lighting was expertly controlled and the sound perfectly managed, which was particularly noticeable when a well-known show band later performed on a bespoke stage, positioned centrally within the room. It was an excellent event with an enthusiastic, happy crowd, a beautifully decorated room and gripping entertainment… there was nothing more this client wanted for their child’s special event.

The Brief:
  • Quintessentially British
  • Extension of Home
  • Bespoke Fabrics

Photography by Robert Shack Photography