A Bar Mitzvah with the potential to create the unexpected is a wonderful project in which to be involved. The JustSeventy team were entrusted with an exciting funfair theme and it allowed for such huge levels and creativity and scope.

It had been made apparent from the start that the whole family were die-hard Tottenham Hotspur fans and, fortunately, on the night of the bar mitzvah their team won… an excellent start to the occasion for them!

Guests were invited into this unique and central London location, where they were invited upstairs to the drinks reception. Separating the children and the adults worked particularly well so that the children could enjoy a selection of activities and arcade games while the adults mingled and devoured canapés.

Downstairs, in the main space, the JustSeventy team were ensuring that no detail had been overlooked, no matter how small. The guests were firstly met with an exquisitely designed carousel bar, with more examples of JustSeventy creativity to follow, such as a candy floss scent to conjure up feelings of nostalgia.

Moving further into the spaces, some incredible props had been sourced from vintage bumper cars to neon signs to distorting mirrors. All table designs taken from the running fairground theme, the guests saw ‘hook-a-duck’, carousel horses, colourful candlesticks and a coconut shy to name a few. The level of detail on the tables even extended to the place cards which consisted of Coca-Cola bottles with bespoke-printed names for each one.

The menu emphasised the fairground theme with even a “Swim & Tonic” (Gin and Tonic in a bag with a plastic goldfish) was a werid and wonderful surprise for the adults!

Being such a talented family, they had put together a wonderful video showing off their musical theatre skills and this was used during the speeches on the giant stage screen to add that extra piece of entertainment for the guests. Everyone at the party loved all the entertainment whether it be the musicians and performers within DJLIVE, the photo booth or the dancing; this event was a roaring success and one that the bar mitzvah boy will remember for years to come.

The Brief:
  • Eclectic Design
  • Vintage Funfair
  • Unexpected & Different
  • Creative Projection

Photography by Blake Ezra Photography