When considering exactly what she wanted for her 40th birthday, this client came to the conclusion that her family home was the only place she wanted to be when celebrating, surrounded by her family and friends.

In the basement of the main house was a swimming pool which, when covered, became the perfect area to hold a party since the lack of windows meant no unwanted natural light and an authentic nightclub could be created. The JustSeventy team enjoyed the logistics of safely covering the existing swimming pool and dressing the room in such a way that it followed the brief of “create The Arts Club in our house”.

On the night itself, the guests arrived and made their way into the main house where they were greeted with canapés and cocktails. At this point, they were all enjoying the elegant and convivial occasion in the family’s home and were oblivious to the ‘real’ party downstairs that was ready to open its doors. Once the party was revealed, the guests were blown away by the basement transformation and thoroughly embraced the occasion.

A high-gloss dance floor, carefully selected furniture, a bespoke glitter stage and expertly designed lighting throughout saw this family home become London’s hottest new club. The snooker table was covered to make a sushi bar, an award-winning magician roamed the room and a world-renowned band were playing… what more could the guests want?

The specialist gin bar, the elegant catering and the photo booth and meant that everybody from all ages could enjoy what the party had to offer and ensure that this 40th birthday was truly unforgettable.

The Brief:
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Swimming Pool Coverage
  • Basement Nightclub
  • Fun & Lively

Photography by Blake Ezra Photography